About us

Sparsh MIC is one of the leading IT solutions and software development companies in India.

Sparsh was formed in the November 1999 with the sole purpose of providing superior IT solutions by instilling raw conceptions and innovative techniques of executing things in all departments of the establishment, resulting in the increase of outcomes of the business of our clients.

The triggering of the organization was an uphill task for the founders.

The support of financial institutions was also lacking. But, even in these dire conditions the company was launched into the IT world by using the outputs of its initial projects as benchmarks, for increasing value. Major clients such as American Express and Larson & Toubro were handled in these trying conditions.

A strong will and determination on part of the founders saw the company attain great altitudes and become one of the major IT solutions companies in a short span of nine years.

The initial assignments of the company were based on the format of customized software solutions before adding the web designing domain to the profile. Sparsh MIC has its aim centered on providing clients with services pertaining to all the major aspects of the IT industry.

Why choose us?


Initiating with just two employees in the year 2000, Sparsh has grown to employ 45 employees among its sister organizations which cater to various aspects of industry domains.

Pioneering with Sparsh MIC Pvt Ltd, the organization now has a portfolio of Kites IT Solutions and B2C Systems Ltd. Headquartered in Mumbai and having regional offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, we also have a global presence with marketing offices in USA (Michigan) and Australia (Sydney).

The Road Ahead

We plan to start the Sparsh foundation which will work mainly in the educational domain. We truly understand that without educating the society, change is not possible in terms of a better world for people to live.


Sparsh MIC’s strength is to offer its clients truly end-to-end services regarding IT solutions. These services consist of initial blueprint, strategy, service development, back-office infrastructure design and installation, customer relationship management to application management and maintenance. The expectations from the IT solutions and software development industry are at its peak and this raises the apparent need for brisk and dandier services. This is where

Sparsh MIC scores over its competitors by offering the best in the IT solutions and software development business at a very reasonable price. The expertise and the technology in the area of IT solutions and software development, which are the most central requirements for identifying and then catering to the needs of the clients, is the stand out point of Sparsh MIC. The success of any organization rests on the extraordinary efforts of the working team for defining the future of IT solutions services. This has always been our forte.

Sparsh MIC believes in long-term strategic and mutually beneficial relations with its clients for achieving cumulative results in the IT solutions and software development domains. We have the capacity of striving to deliver an experience that is satisfying for you, as we suggest the best IT solutions in the business. Our open communication method with the clients by involving them throughout the project enhances the relationship and the work. Our designs are conciliatory and futuristic and can proportionally increase to address additional loads as the organization grows. Allow us to diagnose you needs and we would help you to spur on the road to success.

So, welcome to Sparsh MIC where winning is the way of life for us as well as our esteemed clients.

Our Clients

We serve our clients with the breadth and depth of capabilities to deliver on the most complex business challenges, our expertise and technology innovation brings our clients the insight to move forward strategically and the experience to move quickly. Sparsh MIC has a diverse base of 300+ clients representing a variety of industries featuring among fortune 500 companies. We are pleased to share a sampling of our valued client list across our various service offerings.